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Dr. Lewis is a sports physician with a special interest in martial arts injuries. He works at Surecell, Re-Creation Medical Centre and Malvern Health & Fitness. Has been the ringside physician for approximately 15,000 bouts. He has looked after boxing, kickboxing, karate, and tae kwon do fights. Dr. Lewis has been involved in officiating at all levels of martial arts including as a judge referee, ringside doctor, trainer and corner-man, ring announcer and rules co-coordinator. He has officiated at some of the most important fights in over 30 cities around the world. Peter has trained with world champions and internationally recognised instructors in many countries. Dr. Lewis has extensive experience in treating physical trauma and has lectured internationally on martial arts injuries.

​Dr. Lou Lewis 
Phone: 02 93169488 

New South Wales

Lou Lewis has been in the boxing game for over 40 years, as as competitor, cornerman, trainer,doctor, and member of both the amateur and professional boards. He was president of the NSWABA for over 10 years, a founding member of the Boxing authority of NSW as well as a member of the exclusive AIBA medical commission BTW and has officiated at thousands of fights.
Phone: 03-9509-5922

Current position
Emergency medicine consultant, Bunbury and Murdoch, Western Australia.
Club Doctor, Associates Rugby Club
Chief advisor to Combat Sports Commission Western Australia 

Born In Belfast, grew up in Kingston, Jamaica 
My dad was interested in boxing and I was initiated watching "Thursday night at the fights" with him in Jamaica. This broadcast the big American fights free!
Went back to high school in Belfast and had a short amateur boxing career. Unfortunately switched to Rugby due to friends.
Graduated from Dundee university, Scotland in 1996 and came to Australia in 1998. Always interested in boxing, but kept with Associates rugby club as player and club doctor. 6 years ago rugby injuries took their toll, and I decided to mix the two loves of medicine and combat sports. Since then I have been the medical support for most regular events in Western Australia
I have presided over many world title events in Western Australia in both Boxing and Muay Thai and also multiple regional, national and state wide titles. 
There is an emerging aspect of MMA events which are becoming a significant role also.
My primary role in combat sports is to ensure the safety of all participating in the events, a job which I take seriously, but also enjoy doing greatly.

Dr. Patrick Golden
121 Rochdale Rd.
Mount Claremont
WA 6010
Phone: 0410644992
Fax: (08) 93845875
Dr. Patrick Golden
Western Australia